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Is everything we see and are fed by mass media really what is taking place? Let's back the layers and reveals through a philosophical mind what really lies beneath. Modern philosophical, thoughts, opinions and writings from Alan Forrest Smith
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May 6, 2021

Has the way we run politics now run its course? Should we vote for huge egos that want nothing but power? Should we support liars? What is next and coming for you?

May 5, 2021

Lockdowns are brutal. They are unproven. They damage humans. They are anti-human behaviour and anything but normal. Will they carry on?

May 4, 2021

Are we now living in the age of lies? Will truth become the new commodity? Let's peel back the layers and see how this affects you.

Nov 20, 2020

How you can have Christmas but only if you are good. A short episode from Alan Forrest Smith about Christmas 2020.


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Nov 12, 2020

To train humans the number one tool is fear.

You take the one thing humans fear the most - DEATH - and make them feel that death is imminent if they do x, y or z. 

Once you tell them they might die you then hammer them with messages that will compound that message. Eventually, after just a couple of weeks, you have passive, obedient humans that do exactly as they are told EVEN IF it no longer makes no sense.

Listen to the short episode from Alan Forrest Smith's How To Train A Human. 

Jun 26, 2020

In a time when a pleasurable living appears to be challenging, it's never been a better time to discover life as a daily pleasure. 

Alan Forrest Smith discusses some of the things that make us happy humans such as...  

  • Making time for small things
  • Why time is your friend
  • Why doing the opposite to everyone else will only increase your happiness 
  • Why the life of meaning means a meaningful life
  • Why disconnected is a happier word than connected and more 

May 9, 2020

I want to feel good, I need to feel better. The things that make me human are being denied me. Why?

May 1, 2020

Does mankind need heroes? If the answer is yes - why?

Apr 22, 2020

I do wonder why I am alive? Why am I here?

Those that find out the question to this early will fare better in life. Yet the that discover the answer later it doesn’t mean it is too late. It simply means it took a longer route to arrive at that point.

Nov 10, 2019

What is life?

Am I designing my life or is my life being designed by someone else?

Who is making my life decisions? Is it me or somebody else?

How do I understand my life better?

For some of the life questions there are answers.

A short episode from 

Nov 8, 2019

Will I be able to feel better about myself?

How can I feel good about my health and fitness every day?

Is changing my health and fitness make really possible? 

It is possible to change your health and fitness and feel great about yourself, start by asking the right questions.  

A short episode from Alan Forrest Smith 

Nov 8, 2019

Am I ready for a change? Will next year be the year of change?

Is it possible to get everything in one year? How far can I go?

Will I go further next year?

For all your life questions there is a solution. 

A short episode to inspire your imagination from Alan Forrest Smith 

Apr 4, 2019

I Am a Father Again at the age of 56 and this is how it feels.


Mar 27, 2019

Has media turned into modern day Gladiators?

Have we been sold unreal reality?

Are we been trapped into Zoomanic patterns?

Can life without purpose lead to true happiness?

Do money and stuff bring happiness?

How do we tap into deeper parts of ourselves?

Listen to the short episode from Alan Forrest Smith

Jan 14, 2019

Why write a book? 

From legacy book writing projects to sharing your life and business expertise, there are many reasons why you should or may want to write a book. In this short episode, Alan Forrest Smith is sharing his own experience of writing a book, and why you should also become a writer and a published author of your own book.

Alan Forrest Smith 

Jan 4, 2019

How social media and black screen is creating a new wave of iHypnosis addiction, removing the happiness from people. Is it possible to turn back the tide?  

In 2011 Alan Forrest Smith wrote an article called iHypnosis referring to the addiction to the Social Media and smartphones and predicting the outcome of such addiction. We asked Alan 8 years later about his reflections on the subject. 

Listen to his philosophical views 


Alan Forrest Smith


Jan 4, 2019

Why social anxiety is on the rise and how to prevent it.

A philosophical view of what is anxiety, stress, panic, and how to deal with the core of the symptoms.

By Alan Forrest Smith

Aug 3, 2018

Why taking no risk in life is riskier than taking the risk. 

From Alan Forrest Smith

May 17, 2018


5 minute abstract from the book.

By Alan Forrest Smith

Nov 27, 2017

How to get a book published after you've written? Should you be self-publishing or publish by the book publisher?

The writer, Alan Forrest Smith has been published by the publisher and he also been self-publishing for years. Here's what he learnt about publishing the book.

A short conversation, first recorded November 2017.

Nov 21, 2017

The writer and author, Alan Forrest Smith explains the inspirations and the ideas of writing a new Christmas story, The Little Angel And The Last Christmas. 

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